Philips Ayeni



PHILIPS AYENI - Research positions

School of Information Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada

Postdoctoral Fellow, Knowledge Synthesis Grant (November 2023 – Present)

Working on a SSHRC-funded knowledge synthesis research project, led by Prof. Lynne Bowker. This project seeks to synthesize knowledge on linguistic privilege and marginalization in scholarly commination, with the aim of understanding the role of new technologies for shifting language dynamics in scholarly communication. My role as a postdoctoral fellow includes:

  • Conducting, writing, and leading systematic review of literature.
  • Working with team members to develop and organize knowledge mobilization events.
  • Developing manuscripts for publications in academic journals, and presentations in conferences.

Research Assistant, Knowledge Synthesis Grant (June – October 2023)

Worked as a research assistant on a knowledge synthesis research project funded by SSHRC, led by Prof. Lynne Bowker. The project sought to synthesize knowledge on linguistic privilege and marginalization in scholarly commination, with the aim of understanding the role of new technologies for shifting language dynamics in scholarly communication.


Department of English, McGill University, Canada

Research Associate/Project Manager, TRaCE Transborder (September  2023 – Present)

Working in the capacity of project manager and developing my postdoctoral research on a SSHRC-funded project (TRaCE Transborder) led by Prof. Paul Yachnin. This project seeks to track and transform the challenges facing humanities PhD graduates into global opportunities. My role as a research associate includes:

  • Managing project expectations, budgets, deliverables.
  • Working with the Project Director with the planning and organization of the project.
  • Working closely with colleagues and partners in an interdisciplinary context.
  • Providing training and support to 27 Graduate Student Researchers at the 12 Partner Universities.

School of Information Studies, McGill University, Canada

Research Assistant, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion research project (July 2022 – August 2023)

Working on a research project which seeks to understand equity and diversity issues within the School of Information Studies. This project is led by the Director, Prof. Kimiz Dalkir, and supported by Prof. Rebekah Willson and Prof. Gracen Brilmyer. My role as a research assistant includes:

  • Revising ethics application; recruiting participants for data collection; analyzing survey data; writing out findings for policy and structural changes with the aim of improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school, and LIS schools outside of Canada.

Research Lead, Scoping Review project (January –  September 2022)

Worked part-time on a NSERC partnership project entitled “Defending our cyberspace: AI-powered search engine for cyber threat intelligence.” This project is led by Prof. Benjamin Fung and Prof. Rebekah Willson. As a research assistant, I carried out the following tasks:

  • Developed framework for conducting scoping review: Conducted a literature search, analyzed, and synthesize the literature; Submitted a preliminary report of the findings.

Research Assistant, Early Career Academics’ Information Behaviour research (August 2020 – August, 2022)

Worked on a SSHRC funded project led by Prof. Rebekah Willson, entitled “Precarity and progression in COVID-19 pandemic. The experiences of early career academics.” My role as a research assistant included:

  • Recruited participants for data collection; Transcribed interview data; Conducted qualitative data analysis and interpretation following Inductive Thematic Analysis procedure.
  • Worked collaboratively with project investigators to develop findings into research articles. One of the articles will be presented in ISIC conference in Berlin.

Summer Research Lead, Systematic Review Project (July – August 2022)

Worked with Prof. Karyn Moffatt, Canada Research Chair in Accessible Computing to synthesize recommendations for designing Social Networking Sites for Older adults. My roles included:

  • Employed a systematic review and thematic synthesis approaches to synthesize guidelines and design recommendations.
  • Used pre-determined eligibility criteria and included 24 articles for analysis.
  • Systematically discussed seven broad themes of design recommendations that will make SNS inclusive for older adults.

School of Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University, Canada

Research and Data Repository Manager, iMPACTS’ Define-The-Line (July 2020 – May 2023)
Worked part-time on a SSHRC Partnership Project (iMPACTS’ Define-The-Line) aiming to eradicate sexual violence on campuses. My role includes:

  • Managed data repository (Dataverse), developing policy and workflow for research data deposit/publishing.
  • Managed, updated, and edited metadata of research data in reference management software (Zotero), as well as trained research assistants and partners to effectively use the software.

CIUSSS Jewish General Hospital, Montreal Canada.

Research Assistant, Rapid Literature Review project (August 2020)

Led a research project which systematically provided an overview of the current telehealth technologies used for providing online healthcare services, patients-based inventions, services provided, challenges faced and benefits derived. My roles included:

  • Conducted a rapid review of the literature on telehealth technologies used by various medical subspecialties in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the changing landscape of digital health.

School of Continuous Studies, McGill University, Canada

Benchmarking Researcher (February – August 2019)

Investigated benchmarking and comparative analysis of online continuous education among six universities in Canadian publicly funded research institutions. My roles included:

  • Conducted interviews with directors and managers in charge of the units responsible for online learning and submitted benchmarking report with recommendations for improving online continuous education offerings at McGill University.